This hymn follows the ancient Egyptian offering formula, at least in part. It is offered as a gift to Hermanubis, and for the benefit of any who might wish to work with him. For those of you who speak Italian, be sure to check out Yuri Abietti’s translation at La Stella a Otto Punte!

Hail Hermanubis
Lord of Amenti
Thou who art Wepwawet, the Opener of Ways
Psychopompos, the Conductor of Souls
and Ferryman of the Dead
Thou Dog-Star, Brightest in the Night
Thou who belongs to the things above and to the things below
Khenti Amentiu, Foremost of the Westerners
Whose Staff bears the Serpents of Wisdom
Whose Feather of Ma’at he wields
Thou Render of the Veil
or whatsoever thou wishest to be called:

I give thee sacrifices, hymns, praises, and sweet sounds
In tune with heaven’s harmony.
I give thee invocation offerings of beer, of bread, of incense, of praise,
And every good and pure thing upon which a god lives
For the sake of my soul.

Hear me, O Hermanubis, Lord of Night, and draw thou near.
I bid thee to grace me with thy divine presence.

I make of myself an offering unto thee:
Guide me faithfully, now and in the hereafter.
This is the going forth of my voice:
Call me, and I will answer.
Speak to me, and I will listen.
Open the way, and I shall follow.
Take my hand in thine, and I shall walk with thee.
Lead me into the abundant Field of Reeds;
Even unto the Field of Offerings where Osiris dwells.