Below are the Latin conjurations for the days of the week from the Heptameron of Peter de Abano.

(Note: My Latin pronunciation generally follows the classical rather than the ecclesiastical pronunciation, with two exceptions: first, I pronounce the consonantal “v” in words after the ecclesiastical fashion, as an English “v” sound. Second, I am prone to substituting ecclesiastical pronunciation of “ti” for the classical variety when I feel it sounds better in the final rendition.)

Conjuration of Sunday – Archangel Michael
Conjuration of Monday – Archangel Gabriel
Conjuration of Tuesday – Archangel Samael
Conjuration of Wednesday – Archangel Raphael
Conjuration of Thursday – Archangel Sachiel
Conjuration of Friday – Archangel Anael
Conjuration of Saturday – Archangel Cassiel