O thou great goddess Ma’at, beloved Daughter of the Sun 
Thou of the Beautiful Face who sees the heart, and measures what is right and true
Thou Changeless Lady of Heaven who preserves order and banishes chaos 
Thou Queen of Earth who keeps all in balance and equilibrium 
By the desire of my heart and the words of my mouth, I call upon you 

When Ra spoke the first word, you had already been created 
Thou Great Gift of god, given to those whom he wishes 
Thou pervadest the whole of creation, immanent in all things 
Binding them together in an indestructible and harmonious unity 

Thou true witness who hears prayers, 
Heed my call and be present here with me 
Thou who governs the works of piety and religion, 
See that my intentions are pure and that my spirit is humble before thee 

Thou Guardian of the Threshold and Preparer of the Way for the Enterer, 
Thou Reconciler between Light and Darkness, 
May I walk in thy truth and in thy ways of righteousness all the days of my life
Make my heart as light as the Shu feather on thy Scales 

O thou Lady of the Hall of Judgement, 
Weigh my heart aright and allow me to enter into the Kingdom of Osiris 
On the day of Judgement may I be maa-kheru, true of voice, righteous, and justified 
Open the gates of Heka 
And preserve me as I stand before the eternal gods. 

Vibrate:  ⲘⲈ!  ⲘⲈ!  ⲘⲈ! 

Image of the goddess Ma’at on the foot of King Tutankhamen’s gold outer coffin; New Kingdom 18th Dynasty Egypt 1332-1323 BCE
(Credit: Mary Harrsch)