I’ve posted a video on the theory underpinning the LBRP. This one really plumbs the depths of why exactly every action in the LBRP is done the way it is, and I’ve been looking forward to putting it out since I filmed my first video. I hope you find it informative!

Because this goes into such depth, I won’t be summarizing the contents of the video here–I’ll save that for a series of smaller posts on the subject. In the meantime, though, here’s the outline of the major content I cover:

  • Qabalistic Cross
    • History and origins
    • Reason for the mapping of Gevurah and Chesed to the right and left shoulders
    • Explanation of “in the column shines the Six-Rayed Star”
  • Tracing the Pentagrams
    • Further information on the Sign of the Enterer and Sign of Silence
    • Reason for the clockwise progression around the circle
    • Reason for the scheme of attributing the elements to the four quarters, and why this differs from common grimoiric attributions
    • Reason why the pentagrams are traced clockwise instead of counter-clockwise
    • History behind the Pentagrammaton formula used in the Pentagram Ritual
    • Reason why the Earth Pentagram is used in the LBRP (spoiler alert: the LBRP is not an Earth banishing!)

Special thanks are due to Erik Arneson for filling me in on the history of Johannes Reuchlin and the Pentagrammaton. Check out his website and podcast at Arnemancy!